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An in-depth interview with Jeremy

"This is downhome, honest, Rock 'n Roll."


Interview with Jeremy

What do you think of your fans?

Jeremy: They are a loyal bunch of rowdy friends. Our clan. Our mob. Each and every one is important to us, because they get us and what we do. We’re all enjoying the ride together.

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I was blown away and left wondering where they had been hiding. Since then, they've seemed to rocket in popularity, from an outsider's perspective. I just really love their sound, their passion, and you would have a really hard time finding a more genuine group of young men. I'm really looking forward to watching their plans unfold.


Recommendation and Review 

They were at the Pumpkin Festival in Milton WV last year.My daughter, Mom, Grankids and I were enjoying looking at differing things and I heard This band & they were really rocking, So i went over and listened to the whole show. Afterward I ask who they were and they told me. They were very nice and they ROCKED! Yes without a doubt I would recommend them👍
-Helen Dorsen

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Recommendation and Review

folks like this give true hope of keeping true honest to goodness rock and roll alive....oooooo yea that critter austin was a added foundation to sarg and the group .what a puzzle they created with all the pieces and one of a kind
-David Mines


Recommendation and Review

Great music! One of a kind sound! And all around great group of guys to talk to and hang out with! If you haven’t caught a show and seen and had the “Ducain experience” I highly recommend you do that! Love these guys like family!

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