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Hailing from the hollers and hills of West Virginia, Ducain makes music in the dusty places of the American south where tradition and progress come to fight. Themes of lost love, envy, family, brawling and repentance weave through their music, reminiscent of the region's rich musical heritage. 

Ducain's Jeremy Sargent writes, sings, and plays with Southern soul, while Austin Lewis fills the spaces with melodic fire. Rich Mills and Jared Holley set the foundation and shake the ground with rolling thunder.

The band comes together to labor with one another to create something bigger and better than themselves.
Ducain, a Rock & Roll band, takes inspiration from bands such as Kings of Leon, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Free, The Rolling Stones, and countless others,helping create a sound all their own.

In 2024 Ducain will release a captivating cover of James Taylor's 
"Fire and Rain" on Mon Hills Records. 

Stream Ducain’s highly anticipated debut full length album on all major streaming platforms.

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Jeremy Sargent


Jeremy Sargent, the band’s singer and songwriter, has been around music his whole life. His father, Johnny Sargent, is also a singer-songwriter, and both of his parents play the guitar, which surely contributed to his love for music and drive to follow in the deep ruts of their musical footsteps. As well as drawing inspiration from his father, Sargent finds inspiration from Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers for their vocal and melodic styles, and Warren Haynes’s musical talent as well as his style of songwriting. Not only is he inspired by other’s music but also the moxie of performers like Ronnie Van Zant. Van Zant’s command of the stage and ability to draw in a stadium full of people without moving anything but his mouth is something Sargent aspires to. Sargent’s lyrics are often inspired by personal experiences throughout his life and he strives to be a mouthpiece for those who can’t express what they’re feeling on their own.

Austin Lewis


Austin, the bearded wonder, inherited the rock and roll spirit from his father, a die-hard rocker, his grandfather with an ear for bluegrass, and his mother who gave her heart to Outlaw Country. Lewis’ passion and love for Southern Rock is a combination of his upbringing. Inspiration is drawn from groups like Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers, due to their use of grooves, driving rhythm sections and tasteful lead guitars. He creates music to challenge himself and create something that resonates with others. He is known for running head first into any challenge and rises to the occasion. He’s a people person, drawing his inspiration from the people that he’s around and contributes to the chemistry of any situation.

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Rich Mills


As the humble rumble of the band, Rich has a deep and personal connection with music. Music has always been his escape from reality and created an outlet for him to express himself in a way that words could not. He draws inspiration from the idea that music is deep, spiritual and emotional. It may be no surprise that just like the other members of the band Mills found music through family. He credits his cousin Cory Mills with helping him find his passion for music. Bud Carroll, a musician from Huntington became a mentor to Mills after a family friend suggested he’d be a good connection. After he started learning guitar he transitioned to bass, then found inspiration from big names like Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorius, and Stanley Clarke.

Jared Holley


Jared Holley, the band’s drummer, vocalist and very own Father Time, was also introduced to music at a young age. His earliest memory of playing music, at four years old, was of his performance of the entire first side of Bon Jovi’s “New Jersey” album with a plastic red guitar and a fake microphone in hand. Yes, it was recorded for his future documentary and yes, we’ll get you a copy. Since his middle school days of rocking out with his garage band-esque group, Holley has grown as an artist and performer. Like his fellow bandmates, music is an important creative outlet to help him through tough times. Music has helped nurture many of his current and new friendships. He often influences Sargent’s songwriting by frequently sending him quips and quotes. Holley pulls inspiration from just about anything, but knows family is important. More inspiration comes from the works of Brad Wilk, Danny Carey, Nathan Followill, Taylor Hawkins, Tico Torres, and his best friend Rodney Elkins.

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